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Hay Fever


It is an allergic response to pollen grain or other substances and inspite of the name it is neither caused by hay nor associated with fever. This is a seasonal phenomenon which recurs every season when the person is exposed to an allergen.

It is characterized by rhinitis with watery nasal discharge, sneezing, swelling of the nasal mucus membranes, nasal obstruction, conjunctivitis, itching in the throat and cough.


  • Hay fever results when people who are allergic to pollens from certain plants, moulds, animal dander when they are exposed to them.
  • The pollens that are released in the air occur seasonally when the plant matures. For e.g. the ragweed which is the most common cause of hay fever in the US matures in the month of august and releases large amount of pollens in the air. These weeds grow annually in the land that is not cultivated.
  • The pollens are released in the air mostly in the morning. They are around 20microns in diameter are easily blown away by the air current, as far as 400 miles and are found also at an altitude of 14000 feet.
  • The concentration of these pollens is high on a dry windy day and very low when it rains.
  • All the pollens do not cause hay fever as some of them do not contain the antigen that triggers of the allergic reaction. The pollens when they get entrapped on the moist inner surface of the nose it releases the antigen which is a protein and this leads to the allergic reaction.

The following factors are responsible for allergic reactions:

  • Exposure to allergens
  • Animal and Plant Protein
  • Pollen
  • Molds
  • Mite dust
  • Feathers
  • Animal dander (tiny skin flakes animals shed along with fur)
  • Insect Debris esp. of cockroaches

Secondary factors:

  • Atmospheric pollution in the cities and days when the relative humidity is high may increase the symptoms.
  • Emotional disgust, frustration and hostility can increase the symptoms.
  • When there is excitement or after exercise there might be a temporary cessation of the symptoms with the symptoms bouncing back after sometime in a similar pattern.


  • May be seasonal, especially spring and summer or throughout the year. The symptoms are:
  • Itchy painful nose, throat and roof of mouth.
  • Prolonged violent sneezing.
  • Nasal stuffiness and congestion.
  • Watery itchy eyes.
  • Nasal discharge.
  • Headache or heaviness of head.
  • Ear pressure and fullness.
  • Lethargy and fatigue.
  • Irritation in throat and cough.
  • Mouth breathing due to nasal blockage.
  • Post nasal drip.
  • Loss or alteration of sense of smell.
  • Change in Voice.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Strengthen your immune system with a healthy lifestyle and wholesome food, exercise, vegetable, fruits, vitamin supplements. Keep your home clean.
  • When going into polluted atmosphere, gardens etc. and hold a handkerchief over the nose and mouth.
  • Resist the temptation to rub your eyes. Wash your face, hands and hair and rinse your eyes when coming from outdoors.
  • Remove thick carpets, heavy drapes and upholstered furniture or wash them regularly.
  • Put plastic covers on mattresses and pillows.
  • Keep floor clean.
  • Wear a mask when vacuuming.
  • Avoid mowing lawn or gardening or do so with a mask on.
  • Avoid exposure to animals, animal dander.
  • Avoid environmental irritants - dusk, smoke.
  • Try for a limited outdoor exposure during season when pollen count is high


The conventional treatment includes decongestants ,nasal sprays, antibiotics and anti-histaminics.

Role of Homeopathy:

  • The role of homeopathy lies in the fact that it can bring back the lost balance in the human body when it is in a diseased state.
  • Homeopathic remedies act at the psycho neuro endocrinal axis. In other words it stimulates the human body which in turn will take care of the disease.
  • The right homeopathic remedy prescribed on the totality of the symptoms will help in relieving the allergy. It will also improve the overall health of the person.
  • The entire constitution of the patient is taken into consideration that is the emotional,  physical, social aspects of the patient’s life including past history as well as family history.
  • After carefully analysing the case a constitutional remedy prescribed acts on the exaggerated immune response of the patient to the unchangeable  environmental factors like pollens,dust mites etc.
  • The susceptibility and vulnerability of the patient to these allergens is reduced step by step by Homeopathy medicines-which boosts the immunity positively.
  • Thus not only the symptoms are taken care of in terms of severity and frequency but also the tendency of the patient to get these frequent attacks on every exposure to the allergens or seasonal changes is also reduced considerably.
  • Therefore Homeopathy works on the system without any side-effects unlike the various conventional treatment.

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