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Molluscum Contagiosum


This is a skin infection which occurs only in human beings. An increased incidence is seen in the patients infected with HIV.


This is a mild viral infection of the skin, characterized by papule (firm bumps) formations on the skin, which resolve spontaneously over a period of several weeks to years.

Causes and risk factors:

The causative organism is a kind of the pox virus. The following factors increase the risk of acquiring the infection:

  • In patients infected with HIV virus.
  • If there is a direct contact with the persons already affected with this infection.
  • Genital molluscum can be transmitted by sexual contact with the affected person.
  • Any other systemic disorder in which the immune system of the body is hampered.

Screening and diagnosis:

  • The skin lesions appear after a period of about 14-50 days after coming in contact with the infected person.
  • A rash consisting of shiny, pearly white, waxy, hemispherical papules (eruptions which are elevated from the remaining skin surface) are the classical lesions of molluscum.
  • These papules are dimpled and are filled with a cheesy material.
  • These lesions are multiple and painless.
  • The lesions may appear anywhere on the body sparing the palms and soles; but, face and trunk are most commonly involved.
  • Sexually acquired lesions are seen on the lower abdomen, in the groin, the genitals and on the upper thighs.
  • The lesions remain for a period of many weeks to 2 years and then resolve spontaneously.


The classical lesions of molluscum themselves are diagnostic of the infection. This can be confirmed by detection of typical pox virus like particles from the lesion, on electron microscopy.


Some lesions may heal spontaneously and require no therapy. In conventional treatment various steroidal applications, anti-viral  lasers curettage etc is given.

Homoeopathic treatment:

  • In homoeopathy, we give constitutional medicines which will not act on the individual lesions; neither will they act only on the infected skin. In fact these medicines act on the patient as a whole, enhance his immunity and help his body to fight against the infection.
  • Hence, the infection is removed from its roots.
  • As the immunity is increased by our medicines, recurrences are mostly not seen.

Also with the conventional methods of treatment eruptions has a tendency to reappear but with homeopathy medicine this tendency is taken care of permanently and that too without causing any side-effects.

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