1. How is the Treatment plan time Calculated?

Ans: The treatment time is calculated from the day you make the first payment, suppose you have taken a 1 year treatment plan from 1st Jan2017 to 1st Jan 2018.The treatment plan will end on 1st January 2018. The treatment plan cannot continue beyond this date even if the medicines are in stock for International patients.In most cases, extra medicines are given to prevent any shortage for the said time frame. For India patients if they have not called for medicines every month it will not be considered, it is a time bound plan not the number of time you have called for medicines.To continue the treatment plan you must renew the treatment plan.

2. How many Consultation are there in the treatment plan?

Ans: If you have taken 6 month’s treatment plan, then there are 6 Consultations with the doctor. One consultation per month. One can always send emails if there are any queries these are not chargeable you need more consultation you need to pay extra fees for the same.

3. What if I miss the appointment?

Ans: If you have booked an appointment and fail to keep it then your one appointment will be cancelled. If you intimate us 48 hours in advance your appointment can be rescheduled.

4. Is there a Refund policy?

Ans: Yes, there is a refund policy which says, once you sign up for the treatment we cannot refund the fees or transfer it. Be sure before you start the treatment.

5. I want to talk with Dr. Joshi’s before starting the treatment, Do I have to make a payment for the same?

Ans: If you need to speak with Dr. Joshi’s in person you need to pay for the consultation. Asking via email is completely free and will be answered by Dr. Joshi’s.

6. How to Schedule an appointment for Follow ups?

Ans: You can request for appointment by sending an email to or

Call on: +91 9819155780