Homeopathy Starter’s Plan Consultation Fees Plan

Homeopathy Starter’s Plan
Consultation Fees Plan

Starters Homeopathy plan is an effort to bring Homeopathy within the reach of everybody. For the patients benefit a history form will be been given which will act as a guide line for the patient for submitting the case history.

The international patient's payment can be made to our 'PayPal' account. For the patients from India they can make the payment through 'PayuMoney button' below.

FAQs on the Starters plan for Homeopathy Treatment:

How to make the payment?

Once the patient decides to start the treatment he/she has to send an E-mail or a message through the 'Zopim chat application' that has been incorporated in the website. Once we receive the request we will send the necessary details on how to make the payments.

What is included in the Starters plan for Homeopathy Treatment?

  • An in-depth Case history study
  • The analysis and evaluation of the Case history study
  • Provide the patient with the information of his Constitutional Homeopathic remedy
  • Discuss the line of treatment
  • Provide online support and 1 free consultations for a period of 1 month
  • Shipping Charges are Extra

What is a Homeopathic case history study?

A Homeopathic case history study (HCHS) is an in-depth understanding of the patient. In the HCHS will include the chief complaints for which the patient is seeking the treatment. Then the other associated complaints will also be taken into consideration.

We will also need the details of emotional nature, ups and downs in life, emotional shocks; Fear etc. This will help us in understanding you as a person and select the correct homeopathic remedy that suits your constitution (Constitutional remedy)

How will be the period of 1 month of Homeopathic treatment calculated?

The period of 1 month will be calculated from the day when the patient takes the first dose of the Homeopathic remedy.

Can I upgrade my Homeopathic treatment to a longer treatment plan?

Yes you can always upgrade to a longer period of Homeopathic treatment even after signing up for the Starters plan for Homeopathy Treatment. You can send the request for the up gradation of the treatment plan and we will be happy to upgrade it.