About Us

About Us

It all started in the late 90's when we were exposed to the computer and then the internet revolution; we were just amazed by the technology. In the final years of our medical college we had the dotcom boom going on, on one such evening while having a discussion with our tech family the idea of developing Online practice emerged. Then it all started with imaginations and vision that how we can reach out to clients from across the globe, though it was not easy at that time. But it took sheer perseverance to follow that dream and today we provide our services to 80 locations globally.

Those days there was no high speed internet and we used to do chat consultation, later we laid our hands on the webcam which was just amazing but again the internet speed was a dampener, but as technology evolved we have had a fantastic time to see the whole Online practice evolve along, and now in this era of Smartphone's, high speed internet it's like a dream come true.

Now via Happy Livin - Your Wellness Connect, we deliver services in Diet and Nutrition and Homeopathy to our clients across the globe. The founders of Happy Livin - Your wellness Connect Dr. Varsha Patel-Joshi and Dr. Santosh R. Joshi both share the dream of bringing in a positive change by providing customized diets, homeopathy, and stress management to individuals and organizations. We believe in bridging the distance through technology so anybody can get access to our services from any corner of the world.

In our aim to reach out to local patients across Mumbai we have our consulting clinic in all 3 zones - Harbour, Central and Western Zone of Mumbai, viz.- Panvel, Mulund and Bandra.

In this journey of 15 years with our Patients worldwide we have been able to deliver what we have promised.