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Homeopathic treatment for Allergy

Over the past 20 Years in Homeopathy we are giving an insight into the clinical cases of allergy treated with Homeopathy.We have patients suffering from Urticaria, Foof allergies, Eye allergies and many more who have been benefited with Homeopathic treatment under Dr.Santosh Joshi and Dr.Varsha Patel Joshi.

Urticaria in a pregnant woman cured with Homeopathy

A pleasant young lady came to our consultation with severe skin eruptions which were gradually increasing with the passing hour. The eruptions were very painful and there was severe itching. The complaints were aggravated at night, wollen clothes, covering and fanning. The itching was ameliorated by cold water application and in open air along with these complaints there was no thirst.

The patient told that she has a very sensitive skin and when she is exposed to sun she gets eruptions and sun burns. She comes from a very affluent family and she has no stress or other worries. Her relations with her husband and in laws are very cordial.

She is a very reserved and mild person and takes time to mix with people and make friends. There is marked irritability when someone interferes with her personal life and family affairs.

After careful analysis and evaluation of the case the patient was prescribed Pulsatilla in low potency and the dose was repeated 4 hourly for 2 days .The patient showed marked improvement and the eruptions were better.

After the initial episode there was a relapse of the Urticaria attack with burning but the intensity was less this time the patient was prescribed Sulphur in LM potency as an anti miasmatic remedy and this completely cured her.

Its been 3 years now and the patient has not had a single episode of Urticaria also the pregnancy was smooth and she delivered an healthy baby boy without any complication.Homeopathic medicines are safe for pregnant mothers and without any side effects. A right Homeopathic medicine not only cured her Urticaria but also helped her to have a good pregnancy and a health baby.

Please do not self medicate as no two persons will be prescribed the same remedy as homeopathic remedies are prescribed on the basis of individualization.

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