Case Studies


Severe depression treated with Homeopathic treatment

A young male patient came to us with complaints of sleeping problems. He is on anti-depressive medications since 10 years; the patient doesn't want to take more anti-depressive medicines as he is facing its side effects. The patient also suffers from severe constipation even the laxative don't have much effect.

The patient is undergoing through severe emotional turmoil as he cannot concentrate on any activity. He is out of his job and there are lots of thoughts about future all the time. Due to this he becomes nervous and he stays back at home and doesn't go out of the house at all. This creates lots of boredom. In this state of depression he feels no body treats him properly and so he gets angry and feels like hitting the person who provokes him. Also he starts hitting with his fist on the wall due to frustration. He thinks and laughs alone. He has lots of negative thoughts. Staying at home gives a very bad feeling but he doesn't want to go out due to nervousness. He would keep weeping, sadness, desire to listen to old sad songs.

Causative factor:

On further probing to understand why he slipped into depression as he was a very bright student and he has completed his engineering with distinction. The patient informed that there were 2 major incidences that had taken an emotional toll on him.

  • When he was doing his in-plant training after his degree. He was insulted in front of everybody by the senior.
  • He had an altercation with the manager while he was working in a firm. Due to this rift the manager stopped his promotion and was given to someone else. This event made him depressed and he stared to have palpitations and he felt he has lost his position in the company. After this when people used to come and talk to him in the right way he used to feel they are going to harm him, and he used to be very suspicious of everybody so he cut off from everybody, left his job and leads a solitary life.

Both the parents were working, he was very sensitive as a child. He used to come home and cry, never used express his feelings to others. Due to the shyness he never mixed with people and he felt all the people are avoiding him. When he was in 6th std he suffered from giddiness and seizure only once. There was lots of fear of examination, darkness, ghost, nervous and nail biting. Company desires. Indicissive by nature.

He had good relations with his parents.

Personal history:
  • Birth weight: 9.5 pounds
  • Normal delivery
  • Age of walking: 1 yr 4 months
  • Age of talking: before 1 year
  • Age of teething: doesn't remember
  • perspiration: profuse perspiration staining the clothes.
  • Cravings: sweets
  • Thermals: chilly. Didn't like winters as feels very cold
  • Sleep and dreams: talks in sleep, frightful dreams, screams in sleep. Feels drowsy and sleeping in the morning even after longs hours of sleep.
Past history:
  • tonsilliti
Family history:
  • Father: Hypertension, Diabetes
  • Mother: no health problem
On examination:
  • Blood Pressure: 110/80 mm of hg
  • Teeth carries removed and treated
  • Tongue coated+++
  • 20/05/2005
    Calcarea carb LM3
    10 powders night 5/week
    Follow up after 2 weeks
  • 07/06/2005
    Patient reported feeling better
    Same medicine
    Follow up after 2 weeks
  • 24/06/2005
    No complaints.
    Pain in the waist better by rest
    Started going to work
    No drowsiness.
    Same medicine
    Follow up after 2 weeks

Few more doses of Calcarea carb LM3 we repeated. Patient was improving and his psychiatrist reduces the anti-depressive medicines.

  • 14/07/2007
    No complaints.
    Patient is happy with his work and is regularly going to work. Earlier his parents used to pay our consultation fees. Now the patient himself pays for his medicines and consultation.
    Patient was put on placebo and kept under observation.

In between few more doses of Calcarea Carb LM3 were repeated when he showed signs of depression.

  • 13/02/2009
    Patient was happy and had no complaints.
    Patient was put on placebo and kept under observation.

  • 10/11/2009
    In this 9 months patients showed no signs of relapse. Calcarea Carb LM3 was not repeated even once.
    We asked the patient to stop treatment as he was fine now and only to report when he feels low.

Homeopathy plays an important role in treating cases of depression. it is very important to understad the causative factor and understand the case history inorder to select the right Homeopathic remedy that suits the persons. Also a regular follow up is very important to get the desired result.

Depression and Insomnia cured with Homeopathy

A 54 years old lady came to us in a very anxious state of mind. She said for the past 2 months she has not slept and it is getting worse. Even though she is taking sedatives for more then a month yet there is no relief.

Besides the above complaints the patient said she has no interest in doing anything nothing interests her. The complaints have started after her son and daughter in law have settled in US for their professional work.

Childhood: She stayed in a small village in India. She had a very good and carefree life. She used to mix with people easily and had a good friend circle. She liked to help those who were needy and was very sympathetic by nature.

She was good in her studies and after completion of education she got married. This was the turning point time in her life changed drastically due to her husband and in laws. Her husband was a very aggressive and angry man. He used to gamble, drink and then abuse her. Even though her husband insults in front of every one she cannot express herself as she is scared of him.

She is very sensitive by nature if someone says something wrong she will get emotionally hurt. She will brood over these events and she cannot forget them. She cries when she is alone and listening to music makes her feel much better. Earlier she used to have lot of suicidal thoughts but due to her attachment with her children she never tried to commit suicide. She also said she lacks the courage to commit suicide.

Her children were her only support and the reason to live. As her children grew they used to support her made her feel good. Whenever she was angry she used to express it in front of her children. But if someone consoled her she didn't like it at all.

She felt very sad when her son went into depression due to business loss. She used to feel very bad about it .Then her son gradually recovered from the depression.

  • She feels better in open air.
  • Burning of the soles.
  • Forsaken feeling
Personal history
  • Cravings: Salt
  • Aversion: junk food
  • Thermals Sun: going out in sun leads to headache
  • Bath: likes to take cold water bath. Feels refreshed after head bath
  • Urine: Normal
  • Stools: Normal
  • Perspiration: not much
  • Menses: menopause at the age of 45 years. Earlier used to have leucorrhea
  • Thirst: feels thirsty
On examination
  • Teeth caries
  • B.P: 120/88 mm of Hg
  • Scarring on the face of small pox
Date   Prescription
20/08/05   Natrum.mur 200c
1 dose at bedtime
6/9/05 Feels restless
Feeling of suffocation
Woke up at 4am
B.P: 120 / 80 mm of Hg
Continue the same medicine
9/09/05 Sleep still disturbed but now she sleeps for at least three and a half hour which is sound sleep.
No restlessness and suffocation feeling
Continue the same medicine
9/09/05 Patient visited the consulting room after almost 7 months she told she was better and didn't feel the need to come.
No restlessness and suffocation feeling
No medicines

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