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Migraine cured with Homeopathy

This patient was suffering from recurrent headaches since the childhood. The pain starts at the root of the nose and spreads to the scalp on the left side then to the nape of the neck.

The complaints are aggravated by
  • Light
  • Sleeplessness
  • Tension
  • Worries
  • Bending
  • Sun
  • Before menses
  • Noise
The complaints are ameliorated by
  • Staying in a dark room
  • Massage
  • After menses start

As the pain was not subsiding with the treatment the patient underwent an MRI study which reveled a small calcifies lesion in the temporal region. Besides this the rest of the study was normal.

The patient was now worried as there was no solution except to take the pain killers to prevent the pain. The doctors diagnosed it as a Migraine headache. The patient said this is the last try she is going to give as nothing seemed to work.

At this I told her we can help her only if she gives the history without holding back any information. She said she has no problems to tell everything so the case progressed further.

Besides this she also suffers from cramps which are also recurrent and very painful. They are aggravated in the morning and after doing any physical exertion.

The patient also suffers from seasonal allergies and takes anti allergic medicines for the same.

We asked her about the current situation about her life and if she was under any stress. She said her father who is now very old is not keeping good health. She is very attached to him and she cannot see him suffer.

She is very sensitive by nature and gets hurt emotionally easily .She cries when she is hurt but she hates if someone consoles her. She doesn't like it at all. She also feels very hurt if her husband doesn't understand her.

They have been staying in a different country for 18 years and now they have shifted back to India to take care of their parents. The problem now they are facing is that their children who have been raised in a different country find it difficult to stay back in India. This also adds to the existing stress.

We asked her what she does if she is angry. She said she is not a violent person she will go away from the area of conflict .She also said that it is very difficult to forget if someone hurts her. She will brood over the incident. If a close person hurts she will remember it for a long time.

As a child she was very friendly, she was a very bright student and liked to study. She has been fond of reading, listening to light music and movies. She had the habit of biting the lower lip and thumb sucking. The childhood was very happy.

Besides this she is scared of water and she dislikes wearing tight clothes.

Personal history
  • Diet: Vegetarian
  • Appetite: Good
  • Cravings: Salt
  • Aversion: Sweets
  • Sun: Aggravates the headache
  • Fan: Likes
  • Air conditioner: Likes
  • Coverings: Takes covers while sleeping
  • Bath: Lukewarm water
  • Season: Winters
  • Sleep and dreams: sound sleep. Earlier she used to walk in sleep
  • Urine: normal
  • Stools: normal
  • Perspiration: not much
On examination
  • Blood pressure was 90/60 mm of Hg
  • Multiple moles on the body
  • Swelling on the feet

The patient was given Natrum.mur 200 c .We asked her to report after 7 days. The patient reported after almost 1 and half months. She said there were no complaints so she thought this is the way it works. Now she has come back as there is again a relapse of the headache but the intensity is much less as compared to before.
We gave her another dose of Natrum mur 200c and she has been much better after that. She was very happy about the Homeopathic treatment. We have asked her to report if the need arises.

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