Case Studies


Renal failure treated with Homeopathy

An 78 year old lady who was chronic renal failure was referred to us. Her serum creatinine levels were 3.6 and hemoglobin levels were low 9.1gms%. She also had proteinuria. The patient is and known case of Diabetes and Hypertension.

In the past the patient had severe skin allergy with itching and hyper pigmentation (discoloration) of the skin which was treated with ointments. Later she was diagnosed with chronic renal failure.

Emotional Nature:

She is very dominating by nature, very stubborn will not listen to any one; will do what she wants to.If things are not as she wants then it will lead to anger will shout in anger and will also weep in anger.

She is very religious and is very active among her religious circle. Has leadership quality and is very strong willed, at this age also she will travel by local bus transport. She loves to dress and is always well dressed.

She is very intelligent though could only study till 8th grade. Now feels depressed weeps easily on small things. Has become over sensitive and gets hurt over trifles. If hurt will forgive but not forget and will cry when ever she recollects those events.she is very talkative by nature.

She feels forsaken says no one cares for her, no one listens to her feels ignored by family members.

Had 2 major emotional shocks in life one when her husband died of heart attack at a very young age and 2nd when her youngest son did some fraud in business.

Personal history:
  • Appetite: diminished
  • Cravings: salt, fried, spicy, bitter, sweet and milk
  • Diet: vegetarian
  • Over all feels hot
  • Dreams: of dead relatives
  • 19/6/11

    Patient was prescribed: 1 dose of the Homeopathic phase remedy was given which was followed by Homeopathic constitutional remedy. Patient was asked to report after 14 days.

  • 2/8/11

    Her skin allergy has come back with severe itching.
    Same constitutional Homeopathic remedy was prescribed

  • 25/8/11

    Serum creatinine has come down to 2.8
    Same constitutional Homeopathic remedy was prescribed

The patient is on treatment for the past 1 year with marked improvement in the biochemistry and also she didn't need hemodialysis for the past year. The right homeopathic medicine can help patients suffering from renal failure but a careful monitoring of the kidney functions is necessary. In cases where the serum creatinine rises, dialysis is needed. During these times also the homeopathic medicines are effective in increasing the immunity of the patient. Other important role is when there is infection or severe pain homeopathic medicines are very effective. In Homeopathy it is very important to study the case and the symptom totality to find the right remedy that suits the individual. Once this is achieved results are very good.

Kidney failure treated with Homeopathy

A 57 year old woman was referred to us for homeopathic treatment for kidney failure. There was severe pitting edema (swelling) of both the lower limbs. She had severe proteins loss in urine (albuminurea), high levels of serum creatinine and high levels of uric acid. Patient also had complaints of severe weakness and breathlessness on exertion. She could not climb stairs or lift her leg due to the swelling. The complaints were aggravated by hanging legs down and standing for long time.

She is also a known case of Diabetes and Hypertension. She lost weight after she was diagnosed with hypertension and diabetes.

Emotional nature:

She is a social person and mingles easily with people. She is very attached with her husband, if he is delayed due to work or any other reason she gets anxious and will call him immediately.

She is a god fearing person and is very religious. Oversensitive by nature, weeps easily over small things. She loves to read, watch movies, writes poems these are her hobbies. She likes to keep her thing in order and if things are not kept in place she gets irritated and will again keep the things in proper place.

As a child was very fearful, fear of being alone in the dark, thunderstorms, fire, travelling in elevators, bad news like accident, violence or mishaps would cause lot of fear and anxiety.

She had a very good childhood; she has 10 siblings including herself. Has a good relation with them. She has studied till MA and was working for 15 years.

There were many incidences that led her in to depression:
  • Had 2 miscarriages and later could not conceive, has no children. She used to be depressed about it but now has accepted the fact.
  • She is the eldest daughter-in-law in the family so had all the responsibilities. Even now she and her husband have to manage all the social responsibilities of the family. Feels depressed as for every occasion and marriages they only have to go and manage the gifts. As they are not very well to do financially it was very difficult for them.
  • Husband's health was also not good most of the time.
Had two major shocks in her life:
  • She was very attached to her nephew; he passed away due to cancer in a short span after it was detected. It was a major shock from which she still cannot recover.
  • Her Husband's house was taken away by his sister. The house was in the name of her mother-in-law who gave it to her and not to her husband so feels cheated about it.
Personal history:
  • Diet: Vegetarian
  • Cravings: sour, spicy, fried, history of pica
  • Thermals:
  • sun: cannot tolerate
    Fan:Like slow fanning
    Catches cold on getting wet in rain
    Weather:Cannot tolerate winters
    Covers: covers her head always, others wise only if it is very cold, wants her feet uncovered mostly
  • Sleep: good, refreshing
  • Dreams: snake, temple - religious, dead relatives, of marriages
  • Family history: There is history of Hypertension, heart attack and Diabetes in her family.
  • Past history: small pox
On examination:
  • Swelling: pitting on pressure on both legs
  • Chest: NAD
  • Blood pressure: 120/80 mm of hg
  • Weight: 59.5 kg


  • 30/11/12

    Based on the symptom totality a Homeopathic constitution medicine was given. Patient was asked to report after 15 days.

  • 16/12/12

    Patient is feeling 25% better.
    Swelling has reduced, weakness is less and urine is also better.
    No medicine. Patient was asked to report after 14 days

  • 31/ 12/ 12

    Patient has developed severe cold with watery nasal discharge. Feels weak, pain in legs and swelling is better.
    Same Homeopathic constitutional medicine is repeated when the acute episode was over.Acute Homeopathic remedy for the cold was also given. Patient was asked to get the investigations done for serum creatinine and serum urea levels.

  • 7/2/13

    No swelling in legs, pain in legs is much better, weakness is much better. Serum creatinine levels are the same 2.12 and serum urea has come down to 44.27
    Homeopathic intercurrent remedy is given. Patient was asked to report after 1 month. Patient was asked to get the investigations done for serum creatinine and serum urea levels.

  • 8/3/12

    Weakness is much better, no swelling, sleep is good, dreams have reduced
    Serum creatinine levels have come down to 1.5
    Same Homeopathic intercurrent remedy is given. Patient was asked to report after 1 month.

  • 26/4/13

    Anger has increased
    No swelling, weakness is much better, breathless is better only on exertion
    Same Homeopathic constitutional medicine is repeated.


Homeopathic medicines have the capability of bringing the right change in the body when prescribed on the bases of symptom totality. In the above case we have seen how all the aspects of the patients life were taken in to consideration to select the right Homeopathic medicine. Therefore a complete case history in Homeopathic treatment for Kidney failure and other diseases is very important in order to achieve desired results.

Dr Joshi's specialized Homeopathic kidney care with clinical case studies

Kidney Disease and Homeopathy

Kidneys play a major role in maintaining near constancy of the composition of the body fluids and the compartmental distribution of these fluids. This is a very important condition essential for human survival.

As we know the quantity of what we eat and drink differs everyday; hence in order to maintain the right internal balance the kidneys have to continually excrete the byproducts of these substances and at the same time precisely maintain the required quantity of water, minerals and the metabolites.

Although the loss of liquid is also constituted by skin, intestines, and lungs but by and large the kidneys do the major work. To accomplish this complex task of maintaining the exact amount of liquids there are a number of complex mechanisms involved. These mechanisms help the individuals to excrete the extra amount of water and also excrete the end products of nitrogen metabolism such as urea and creatinine.The kidneys also play a vital role in curtailing the excretion of liquids when the body faces excess loss of water to prevent dehydration.

As we now know how important the kidneys are for the normal functioning of the human body. So an early diagnosis in kidney disease is very important to prevent permanent damage to the kidneys. So a simple urinary tract infection also should not be neglected as it can also complicate and cause irreversible damage to the kidneys.

Some of the major diseases of kidneys are:
  • Acute and rapidly progressive renal disease
  • Chronic renal failure
  • Chronic obstructive uropathy
  • Polycystic and medullary cystic diseases
  • Analgesic nephropathy
  • End stage renal diseases
  • Chronic tubulointestitial nephropathy
  • Diabetic nephropathy
  • Nephritic syndrome
  • Nephrotic syndrome
  • Asymptomatic urinary abnormalities
  • Urinary tract infection (Recurrent included)
  • Renal tubal defects
  • Hypertensive nephropathy
  • Nephrolisthiasis
  • Miscellaneous disorders
Dr Joshi's specialized Homeopathic kidney care

Homeopathy is a safe and effective method of treatment. In Homeopathy we understand your constitution i.e. your personality, emotional nature, ups and downs in life and your physical ailments in totality .Based on this information and analysis a constitutional Homeopathic remedy will be prescribed to suit your constitution.

You may ask what Homeopathy has to offer in Kidney diseases?

Right from the common urinary tract infection (UTI) to Chronic renal failure Homeopathy can play a major role in restricting and curing the disease state. For better understanding we will consider a case which has been treated by us with Homeopathy.

A middle aged person suffering from chronic renal failure was referred to us. The family wanted us to help them in reduction of the dialysis frequency, and treat the other complications that were developing. The patient is a known case of uncontrolled Diabetes from past 10 years and also suffers from hypertension (High blood pressure) from past 6 years.

The patient has lots of swelling on the body, severe itching and he also suffers from Ischemic heart disease. The serum creatinine levels were 5.9 and blood urea nitrogen was 74mg/dl. ECG shows ST - T changes due to an old infarct. His blood sugar levels and blood pressure is on the higher side.

Before the kidney trouble started the patient had developed warts on the face which used to bleed on touch and on itching. These warts were removed by cauterization. After this the patient suffered from stroke and there are atrophic changes in the brain.

The patient is a very successful producer in plays and theater and he loves his work. He is very down to earth and when you meet him you will never feel that is such a successful person and has no ego issues. He has his own philosophies and he believes in them very strongly. He gives donations every year to the needy.

He suffered from emotional shock when his father passed away at a very young age. So he had to struggle a lot since his childhood to reach too this level. One more setback in his childhood was he suffered from measles which got complicated and he lost his vision. And after lot of treatment he recovered partial vision.

The patient has aversion to bathing, cutting nails, shaving and cutting hair also. He is always shabbily dressed but he doesn't care about it. The patient feels very uncomfortable when he is standing. The patient has strong aversion to sweets and he used to smoke, take tobacco and alcohol which he has stopped now.

After careful analysis and evaluation we prescribed him Sulphur in the L M potency for a month. And we asked him to do his kidney function test and continue the dialysis as per the nephrologist's advice. The patient reported after a month with reduction in the serum creatinine levels by 1 unit and the blood urea nitrogen levels were also reduced. The patient was advised to do yoga under the expert guidance of a yoga teacher. After 3 months of treatment the serum creatinine levels have dropped to 1.6mg/dl and also the blood urea nitrogen levels has also reduced. And one more surprising finding was that his Diabetes has come under control. Also as per the nephrologist's advice the dialysis has been stopped.

It's been 6 years now the patient is healthy and does his normal activities. His dialysis and Diabetic medicines have been stopped. As all the investigations are under control. The patient still reports to us regularly and takes the medicines regularly. With Dr Joshi's specialized Homeopathic kidney care we have treated lots of patient suffering from chronic renal failure with good success.

Bed Wetting treated with Specialized Homeopathic Treatment

A child aged four and a half years old was suffering from involuntary urination at night in sleep as well as during daytime while sleeping. This was going on since the last 2 years. Her mother was very worried about the problem. There were no other complaints.

The child was very shy and during the whole case taking she didn't utter a single word. She was just smiling and sat on the sofa next to her mother hiding for sometime. Then she used to peep and smile.

Her mother told that she had a very bad temper in anger she throws things, hits her elder sister. She is very stubborn and throws temper tantrums if she doesn't get what she wants; she will weep for a longtime and wont listen for quiet sometime.

She is afraid of dogs, cats +3, darkness and being alone. She loves to dress up well, likes lipstick, henna, and nail polish. She loves traveling and is very happy while traveling.

She also has a habit of thumb sucking. Her mouth is always open. There is lot of extra hair growth on the body.

Personal history:
  • Diet: Vegetarian
  • Appetite: good
  • Cravings: Sweets +2, Ice+2.cold chilled water.
  • Aversion: -
  • Sun: doesn't aggravate
  • Fan: Wants on full mode
  • AC: likes
  • Bath: cold water in summers and warm in winters
  • Coverings: dislikes
  • Perspiration: Palms
  • Sleep and dreams: Sound sleep talks in her sleep. She sleeps in knee chest position.
  • Age of talking at 2years
  • Age of walking before 1 year.
  • The other milestones are not known.

Past History:

  • Tongue tie operated at the age of 2 years.
Family history:
  • Father: 38 years No major illness
  • Mother: 35 years Hyperthyroidism
  • Paternal grandmother: Psoriasis
  • Paternal grandfather: Ischemic heart disease expired due to MI
On examination:
  • Extra hair growth on the whole body
  • Tonsils enlarged
  • Keeps mouth open
  • P/A: No tenderness, Lax abdomen
  • RS: NAD
  • CVS: NAD
Date Follow up; Prescription
25/5/03   Rx
Medorrhinum 30
3 doses
7/6/03 No bedwetting
Keeps mouth open in sleep
Thumb sucking continues
She didn't talk even on this visit.
Anger +3
Continue the same treatment
15/6/03 No bed wetting.
Anger is better
She talked on this visit
There are no other complaints
The patient was put on placebo for 14 days.

The patient was put under observation for the next 6 months and the medicines were stopped. The patient's mother comes for her treatment so she gives the feedback about her health when she comes. And the bedwetting problem has not recurred.

Last she reported in Sept 2005 and the child is good shape and also the extra hair growth has decreased.

Acute UTI treated with specialized Homeopathic Treatment

A male child aged 5 years was brought to the consulting room with high grade fever since 4 days. The fever was 103 degrees F the child was feeling cold and he was restless moving from one corner of the room to another.

He was complaining of severe headache marked irritability was present. His complaints were aggravated by cold drinks, Fanning and he felt better when he was carried.

When we asked if the parents have observed anything in this course of 4 days the mother said as the fever increases the child starts feeling cold then his abdomen and back are very hot to touch but his Hands and feet are cold during the fever this was a very interesting symptom. There was also burning in the urine.

We had got him investigated:
  • WBC count was high
  • Malarial parasite was absent
  • There was severe urine infection.
On examination:
  • There was no neck rigidity present.
  • Respiratory system was clear
  • Throat was mildly congested
  • There was redness at the tip of the penis (external meatus)
  • Abdominal examination revealed no abnormality.

Patient was given Cantharis 30 2 pills to be repeated every 4 hourly but we asked them to stop the medicine as soon as he felt better. Even after 1 dose if he felt better they had to stop the medicine.

Next day the parents called and told that after giving just 1 dose his fever subsided and is much better. We examined the patient again after a week and he was totally back to normal.


The importance of history provided by the relatives or the near ones can be very crucial sometimes in clinching the right medicine.

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