Respiratory Tract

Respiratory Tract

Allergic rhinitis cured with Homeopathy

The patient is taking anti histamines every day for many years without any effect. The patient gets bouts of severe sneezing with water nasal discharge along with this there marked swelling below the eyes.

The complaints are aggravated by dust, ice cream; cooking and yogurt. The symptoms are relieved by drinking warm water and hot tea. There is thirst for small quantity of water at regular intervals.

Besides this the patient is also suffering from pain in the knee joints and the complaints are severe in the left knee. The knee pain gets worse from standing, walking and first movement and is relieved by continued movement. The patient has a medical history of uterine fibroids and gall bladder stones for which she has been operated.

In her family history her father suffered from severe asthma and he passed due to COPD.Her mother is suffering from Hypertension and her brother and sister suffered from Cancer.

Emotional Nature of the patient

The patient is very fastidious by nature and wants every thing in order and proper place. If things are not kept in proper place she will keep them properly but this will lead to marked irritability. She is extremely restless and cannot sit in one place and has marked fear of death. Even though she has no stress or tensions she is extremely restless both mentally and physically. Her relations with her family members are very cordial.

After thorough analysis and evaluation of the case the patient was prescribed the remedy Arsenic alb as her constitutional doses. Only after a couple of doses she felt marked relief. She reported after seven days with great relief and in the last 7 days she suffered only for 2 days with marked reduction in the intensity of symptoms of rhinitis.

Patient came for regular follow ups for 4 months and now she has no complaints of Allergic rhinitis and even when she gets a rare episode of rhinitis which gets immediately relieved with the medicine.Along with this she is much relaxed and her restlessness has reduced to a great extent and there is no knee pain.

Homeopathic treatment plays an important role in the treatment of allergic diseases and homeopathic medicines are gentle, fast acting and without any side affects when prescribed in the right method. It is a myth that Homeopathic medicines are slow acting. Please do not self medicate as only the right Homeopathic medicine after careful analysis and evaluation will give the desired results.

Bronchial asthma treated with Specialized Homeopathic Treatment

An interesting case of asthma came to us during an acute attack of asthma. He was breathless and he said that he feels he will die. He was in a very anxious state of mind.

He told us that the attack comes on when he is exposed to
  • Dust
  • Cob webs
  • Dust from books
  • Inhaling cold air

The complaints are worse from 10 pm to midnight. He feels very hot during the attack and there is also perspiration. He feels better if he eats something or drinks warm water. He takes sips of water frequently. The expectoration is sticky yellow, greenish and sometimes with a black tinge. The patient is suffering from asthma for the last 18 years; he is on bronchodilators but it relieves him only for a short time.

Besides this the patient suffers from hyperacidity which leads to headache. Along with this there is also spotty pain in the chest. This spotty pain is there since many years and it has remained the same.

These were the complaints that he wanted us to take care of. We asked him about stress and tensions that he has? He told us during the 1990s he lost his job. This period was very stressful as the loss of job led to a financial crisis. He was very stressed during this phase and this also affected his health a lot.

He got another job after a few months but there was lot of insecurity because this was not a permanent job. The salary was also less as compared to the previous job. Due to this there were constant thoughts about the future of his family and persistent thoughts of what will happen in the future.

He is very attached to his family. If someone in the family is unwell; he will be very anxious. If someone in the family comes home late then also there will be lot of anticipatory anxiety lot of negative thoughts come to his mind.

His relation with his wife is very good .He has two children with whom he is much attached. Another emotional shock was when his brother passed away due to cancer. Since then he has developed the fear that what will happen to his family if he suffers from cancer.

He is also very attached to his personal belongings and sharing them will be very difficult. He also preserves his old things which are of no use. He cannot throw away anything.

His childhood was peaceful and used to get along with people. He was above average in his studies. He is very sensitive by nature he won't express if he is hurt but there is no revengeful feeling.

Sometimes he gets angry and it is very difficult for him to control his anger. He throws things in anger most of the times he will like to stay alone and do his things.

Personal history
  • Diet: Non vegetarian
  • Appetite: Good
  • Cravings: Milk, Sour things, Salt, Spicy food
  • Aversion: bitter gourd
  • Sun: desires sunlight feels good
  • Fan: wants fanning
  • AC: cannot bear
  • Covers: takes covers during winter season
  • Bath: In winters hot water
  • Season: likes Winters
  • Sleep and dreams: Sleep is disturbed. There is fear of robbers and sensitivity to the least of noise.
  • Urine: flow is less
  • Stools: are not formed, 3-4 times in a day.
Past history
  • Scabies
  • Typhoid
Family history
  • Brother: Ca.lung passed away
  • Mother and father are healthy
On examination
  • B.P: 100/60 mm of Hg
  • Respiratory system: Bilateral Rhonchi
  • Throat congested
  • Teeth caries and treated


Date Follow up Prescription
12/1/08 -
  • Kali-Bi 30
  • 3 powder to be taken at night
19/1/08 The attack was better. He said he felt 50 per cent better.
Sleep is better.
The spotty pain in the chest was better.
  • Sac lac powders every night
9/2/08 The patient reported further improvement.
He had also tapered off the Bronchodilators and there was no attack in all these days.
  • Continue the same medicine
28/02/08 The patient is improving. No attack till now.
Acidity and sleep are also better. The spotty pain has almost gone.
His anxiety is less he can think more clearly about his future.
The thoughts about cancer have almost gone.
  • Continue the same medicine
5/04/08 This time there was little difficulty in breathing.
He was exposed to lot of dust and he also cleaned his cupboard which led to the attack.
  • Kali-Bi 30c
3/05/08 Patient reported improvement. No asthmatic attack.
  • Patient was put on observation

Patient reported last in the month of June with no further attacks. He has been put under observation.
The remedy was selected after careful analysis of the case. PLEASE DO NOT SELF MEDICATE.

Asthma treated with Homeopathic treatment

Child - Bronchial Asthma treated with specialized Homeopathic treatment

A child of four years old came to us with severe Bronchial Asthma. The child was on asthalin, budecort and antibiotics. In spite of all these medications the child was not feeling better. The complaints of bronchitis started when she was six months old and since then she is on heavy medications. And is has to be admitted to the hospital frequently.

The complaints start with cold then she starts coughing along with fever. The cough is constant and is aggravated by dust, change in weather, cheese, sweets, butter and cake. Along with these complaints she has lots of weakness, perspiration and leg pain during the attack. She feels breathless; there is rapid movement of abdomen and flapping of the nostrils. She feels very hot during the attack. She feels better by hot drinks, and has thirst for small quantities of water frequently. The other complaints are of severe constipation and severe leg pain.

Emotional nature of the child: the child is very friendly and mixes easily with people. She is very talkative and she loves to be with people. The child is very conscious of how she looks. She looks in the mirror and says that she looks beautiful like the actress Kareena Kapoor. She wants to become a model. She does not like to share her things with any body and wants to have new clothes every day. The child is very angry and obstinate by nature. She will not listen to any body till she gets what she wants. She will scream, throw things and hit in anger. She loves animals, likes to play with cats. But she has fear of dogs so much that she runs away when she sees dog from far. She also has fear of darkness, horror movies, sudden noise, fire crackers, and thunder storm. The child is very lethargic and lazy.

Personal details:
  • Diet: non vegetarian
  • Cravings: raw food, rice, sweets, cold drinks, egg white, chicken soup
  • Aversion: fish
  • Thermals: Feels very hot, dislikes sun, can not bear heat at all. Does not like to cover her self
  • Perspiration: more on scalp and on face
Past history:
  • Dentitional diarrhea
Family History:
  • Mother: Hypothyroidism
  • Father: Depression
  • Sister (9 yrs): allergic skin problems
  • Maternal aunt: Tuberculosis
On examination:
  • Extra hair growth on the body
  • Scany hair on the scalp
  • Respiratory system: ronchi more on right side
  • Enlargement of the sub-mandibular glands
  • Space between the teeth

After careful analysis and evaluation the child was prescribed Medorrihnum. After a week patient reported with little cough, improved appetite, sleep is better, pain in leg is better. Few of the same medicine were repeated for 14 days.

The patient reported after 14 days with congestion of chest and all the above symptoms of the acute complaints. On enquiry the patient's mother reported that the child was better for 10 days. Child had cold drinks, ice cream and lots of chocolate which aggravated her complaints. The mother also told us that if she would have had all these things earlier she would have landed up in the hospital. Since starting of the homeopathic medicine the intensity of the symptoms has decreased and the immunity has increased. The patient was prescribed Ars Iod as an acute remedy. The patient was asked to report after 3 days.

The patient was much better after 3 days. Medorrihnum was repeated again. The patient has shown marked improvement and had shown marked improvement in her complaints. She doe not get breathlessness and acute episode of chest congestion. Her height has increased and her leg pain ahs reduced. Also her anger has calmed down and over all she has become a healthy child. She was under our treatment for 1 year.

The remedy was selected after careful analysis of the case. PLEASE DO NOT SELF MEDICATE.

Case of Tonsillitis cured with Specialized Homeopathic Treatment

The patient was brought to me for an opinion weather something could be done for the recurrent throat infections. The patient was advised to undergo tonsillectomy by the local doctor as she was not responding to the treatment. As her mother who was under our treatment for allergies was feeling much better she brought in her daughter.

The patient was an 11 years old girl well dressed up and was a bright child. She got along very well with people. She mixes easily with everybody and loves to be in a company. But of late she doesn't go and talk on her own.

She also has a habit of biting her nails. Her mother told us she was a very good child quiet and satisfied. She gets along very well with her brothers and sister. She is average in her studies and likes to study.

When we asked her if she had any fears? She told she is very much afraid of lightening and thunderstorms+3 since the beginning.

The patient has severe pain in the throat more on the left side which is aggravated by swallowing+2, and eating sour things. There is marked thirst for cold water.

Personal history:
  • Diet: Non vegetarian
  • Appetite:Good
  • Cravings:Mutton
  • Aversion:Sweets+3
  • Sun: Doesn't cause any discomfort
  • Fan: Likes
  • AC: likes
  • Covering: takes covers
  • Season:Likes Summers
Sleep & Dreams:
  • Sleep:sound
  • Dreams:Doesn't remember
  • Eruption of first tooth:9 months
  • Age of Talking:4 years Speech was delayed
  • Age of walking9 months
On examination:
  • Throat Congested
  • Tonsils: Enlarged
  • Lymph Nodes: Enlarged on neck, left side
  • Salivation
  • Thin built
  • Erruptions on face
  • R.S: NAD
  • C.V.S: NAD


Date Symptom Totality Prescription
24/4/05 -
  • Phosphorous 30
  • 3 doses for 3 nights
2/5/05 Patient is feeling much better No pain in the throat
  • Patient was put on placebo.
  • For 2 weeks.
20/5/05 No complaints patient is better on the whole.
Height has increased.
Swelling of the tonsils has reduced to a great extent.
  • Patient was put on placebo. For 2 weeks
  • and was asked to report if problem arises.

After this the patient didn't come to me for almost 4 months. On 18th September her mother came to me as her other daughter who is pregnant came for a check up and she wanted to put her on homeopathy.

And while talking she said doctor do you remember my younger daughter and of course I used to wonder how this patient is doing? To my surprise she told after the medication she has not had a single episode in the last 4 months and her health is very good. I was very happy to know this and then I thought of presenting this case.

In this case the symptoms were so precise and characteristic that it was difficult to miss the remedy. So in cases of children it is very important to start a conversation with the kid. Then the symptoms that are expressed will make it easy to find the right remedy.

Please note the above case is for information only. Do not self medicate contact a qualified Homeopath before taking Homeopathic medicines.

Reactive airway disorder in a child treated with Homeopathy

The child aged 2 years was bought to us with severe episode of wheezing, lot of coughing and oppressed breathing. The child used to get these recurrent episodes of breathlessness since he was 3 months old. The child is on bronchodilators and in spite of the treatment he is not improving.

The complaints are aggravated by
  • Running
  • Exertion
  • Change of weather
  • Dust
  • Humid weather
  • Air conditioner
The complaints are ameliorated by
  • Warm drinks
  • Basil concoction
  • There is thirst for sips of water at the time of the chest congestion .Besides this there is lot of retching which causes lot of discomfort to the child. In the past the child has suffered from Pneumonia and influenza.
Milestones of the development
  • Birth weight: 3.2 kilograms
  • Age of walking: 8.5 months
  • Age of talking: Before 1 year
  • Eruption of first teeth: 7months
  • The child is a planned child and the delivery was full term, normal delivery.
Emotional Nature of the Child
  • The child is very talkative and is always excited; he loves to talk and is also very obstinate. If things are not according to his wish then he will throw temper tantrums. Earlier he used to vomit when he was having a temper tantrum.
  • The child is also very aggressive by nature and will bite, will throw things out of the window, roll on the floor when angry. The child also has some irrational fears while watching television. Besides this the child is happy and is very attached to his father.
Personal History
  • Diet: Vegetarian
  • Appetite: Average
  • Cravings: Sour food, milk
  • Aversion: Nothing as such
  • Urine: normal
  • Stool: normal
  • Perspiration: scalp
  • Sleep and Dreams: talks in sleep, grinding of teeth
Family history:
  • Father: 38 years, hypertension, Diabetes
  • Mother: thyroid disorder
On examination:
  • Respiratory system: chest congestion
  • Enlargement of submandibular gland
  • Throat congested

Case Analysis and Evaluation (Courtesy: Repertorisation software Radar Opus)

  • Prescription:
    Cann-I 30 c,3 doses were given
  • 20/2
    Patient was better, wheezing is better, sleep is good and grinding of teeth has decreased Little change in his temper tantrum Same medicine was continued. 3 doses were given
  • 14/4
    Decrease in recurrent episodes of chest congestion Anger has reduced Biting has also reduced Occasional grinding of teeth Same medicine was continued
  • 21/7
    The child was much better so the parents did not come to us for the period of 3 months and the child didn't need any medication. The parents have come back again with the acute attack of chest congestion but the intensity is very less as compared to the previous episodes. The parents were again explained the importance of regular follow ups and observation in treatment of chronic cases in order to achieve the desired results. The child was prescribed the same remedy But inspite of explaining the parents did not come for a follow up but they did inform after many months that the child was completely alright and off all the medications.

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