Case Studies

Skin and Hair Fall

Alopecia areata and Depression cured with Homeopathy

The patient came to me with the complaints of total loss of hair in five different areas on the scalp. This had started in July 2000.

The hair fall was severe. Another interesting symptom was there is pain when the hair is touched ++.

The other complaints the patient described were Tension, Stress, Depression, Constipation, Severe headache, and Regular nose blockage, overweight and severe backache.

She had mentioned the following points; she is short tempered and gets angry easily, Sentimental, Emotional, Deep thinker, Helpful, Practical and intellectual. The patient wants to be very successful in life she is in to the fashion designing profession. The hurdles experienced were that things are not going in the way they should go.

She had lot of friends and she said she is close with one of them. She doesn't open up easily to anybody. She is helpful to others but she doesn't expect much because when she has expected she has got negative results. She says I am quite a social person.

On further case taking the patient told she becomes depressed, may be because she is at home. She gets hurt easily and is dissatisfied and unhappy .She weeps when she is alone and feels better after it.

At this point there was a short silence and then she said there was a break up with her close friend recently with whom she had plans to get married but she had never told these things to him. As he was unaware of her feeling he one fine day told her that he is carrying on with another girl and this was like a shock to the patient. The patient says she cannot forget him.

She becomes angry and retaliates, she feels like throwing things and breaking them but she controls her anger. If somebody tries to console her she just cannot bear it. It aggravated all her complaints.

The question of how the childhood was put? Then she told she wanted things her way but they never were the way she wanted. She wanted her parents to pamper her a lot but never did so .She felt very bad about it. She also had a younger brother who was pampered a lot. She feels there is nobody on her side.

She also has lot of suicidal impulses but she says she cannot commit it. The sleep is disturbed and she gets scary dreams like falling in a valley and somebody is pulling her down, Dreams of her X-lover. She has fear of animals, Dogs. She dislikes going in a crowd. There is lot of insecurity, which she was feeling. She dislikes wearing tight clothes.

Personal history
  • Diet: Non vegetarian
  • Appetite: Good
  • Cravings: Pickles +, raw onions
  • Aversions: Lot of spicy food Thermals.
  • Sun: Headache which is aggravated +5 when she goes out in sun
  • Fan: Likes
  • Ac: Likes
  • Coverings take one covering.
  • Bath: cold water
  • Season: - -
  • Perspiration: ++ generalized on the body
  • Multiple areas of total hair loss in around 5 areas on the scalp
  • B.P: 120/80 mm of Hg
  • Dark rings around eyes
Symptoms considered
  • Ailments from: Love Disappointed, unhappy
  • Forsaken feeling
  • Weeping tendency
  • Frightful Dreams
  • Suicidal disposition
  • Headache Sun from exposure to: Agg
  • Hair fall
  • Hair painful when touched
  • Multiple areas of total hair loss in around 5 areas on the scalp
  • Multiple areas of total hair loss in around 5 areas on the scalp
Date   Prescription
25/12/99   Rx
Natrum.mur 200
1 powder to be taken at night
6 powders of S.L were given
31/12/99 Patient said she feels better. When asked in what way she told; her sleep was better, Headache was much better, Hair fall there was no change Rx
Sac lac 7 powders night
  • • Complaints were much better
  • • The hair fall was better now
  • • There were no headaches
  • • Her moods are much better
  • • Her depressed feeling is much better
The patient was put on S.L for 3 weeks
6/2/2000 The patient came in a very happy mood. She told that new hair have started coming in the bald parts.

When I saw there were small hair growing in from all the areas of hair loss.

The patient has started a new assignment and the feeling of anger and the most important fact is that she is looking forward to have someone in her life. She had got over her one-sided love affair.
Ct all for 4 weeks
5/3/2000 This time she came with complaints of pain in the sacral region.

There is an eruption on the back.

She told some years back she had these eruptions, which had been treated with ointments by a Skin specialist and an orthopedic Surgeon treated the pain.

These were the old symptoms, Which had returned?

I was very happy to see the cure-taking place in such a wonderful way, as this was the beginning of my practice.

I continued the same treatment.
Ct all for 2 weeks
14/3/2000 The complaints had settled.
By this time there was a good hair growth and the hair fall is much better as was told by the patient.
She was put on S.L for 4 weeks

The patient came and reported regularly for routine visits and she also referred many patients to me. One of the other interesting things I found out was . Her mother who came to me is an out an out Sepia personality and she is very much indifferent to her daughter even now.

She wants to get her married as soon as possible and she says she is a burden on the family in front of her daughter .But the daughter now doesn't bother she told me she is worried for me. So our old patient has come out of depression and now she is able to solve her problems on her own.

This was the point where I told the patient to visit only if there is any problem. The patient came to me for 6 months and recovered totally from her complaints.

Hair fall after menopause cured with Homeopathy

A 47 years old lady came with the complaints of severe hair fall. She said the hair falls in bunches and she is very much worried about the same. The complaints have started since 2 years and have aggravated after her menopause.

Besides this the patient has marked pigmentation on the arms, forearms and the face this has got aggravated since 1 year. She also suffers from eczema on the right lower extremity .There is occasional itching but she said her main concern was her severe hair fall.

These were her only complaints .My observation was from the way she presented her complaints she looked very confident and was quite precise in explaining her complaints. So to know the further details of her emotional nature, ups and downs in life we implored further.

She said they are very well off financially her relationship with her husband is very good. Then she said that stressful part of her life is looking after her 2 sons. Both her sons have learning disability.

She was a teacher by profession but she decided to take care of her children and so she quit her job. She took this as a challenge to educate her sons and make them independent and she says she has done it very well. Both her children are now independent and are pursuing their careers.

But during this phase of bringing her children up she hardly had time to look after herself .These days she gets angry sometimes but calms down very fast if someone consoles her she feels very good. She is very clear in her thoughts if she undertakes some work she will always complete it on time.

As a child she always liked to study read and she was very outgoing by nature .She had very good relation with her parents and her siblings overall she had a very good childhood.

Personal history
  • Diet: Non vegetarian
  • Appetite: Good
  • Cravings: Spicy food
  • Aversion: Nothing specific
  • Sun: Doesn't aggravate
  • Fan: Doesn't like much as she feels cold after sometime
  • AC: -
  • Coverings: Covers herself in winters
  • Bath: Warm water
  • Season: Nothing specific
  • Thirst: drinks 7-8 glasses of water in a day
  • Perspiration: doesn't perspire much
  • Sleep and dreams: Disturbed due to the pain
  • Dreams of traveling and dreams of her village
  • Menses: Regular. Leucorrhea. Most of her complaints got aggravated after the tubectomy surgery
  • Multiple moles on the body
  • Pigmentation on the face
  • Gums swollen
  • R.S: NAD
  • C.V.S: NAD
  • There was tenderness in the back and there was restricted movement of the lower limb
Date   Prescription
13/4   Rx
Natrum.muriaticum 30
3 powders night
S.L 2 pills 4 hourly for 14 days
22/4 Pain in the back persists
Cannot remember dreams
Sleep is disturbed.
Dreams cannot remember
The biting sensation is better
Ct all 14 days
3/5 Pain is better
Numbness and biting sensation is better
Sleep is better
Ct all 14 days
4/9 The patient reported after a period of 6months and we asked was didn't she report as she was getting better.
She told us as there were no complaints she went to the village. She was better all these days but now the pain has started as she had exerted her self a lot in the fields.
We explained her again her condition and she shouldn't exert herself. Same medicine was repeated.
After this the patient reported once on the phone that she is much better. And she has discontinued the medication on her own.
Ct all
14 days

Lichen planus treated with Specialized Homeopathic Treatment

The patient came with the complaints of eruptions on the legs, waist and on the soles. The complaints had started two and a half years back. The eruptions first appeared on the right leg and then have spread to the waist and the soles. The eruptions are very painful and there is lot of scaling of the skin.

The complaints are aggravated by the following conditions:
  • Stress
  • In a closed place
Following conditions give partial releif to him:
  • Cold water application
  • Uncovering the part

Along with the itching there is severe burning sensation in the affected area. The patient also is suffering from Tinea versicolor along with Lichen planus. There were no other complaints besides this.

The emotional nature of the patient is as follows:

The patient is very anxious by nature. If his family members do not come on time he becomes very anxious. He will have lot of negative thoughts like; have they suffered from accident? or something must have gone wrong. He will immediately call the person concerned and confirm if they are safe. If this is not possible then till the time they do not come back he will be very anxious.

Also he has lot of anticipatory anxiety. He thinks what will happen to his family if he dies suddenly? He is very attached and possessive about his family members.

At the professional level he is from an engineering background. He was working with a company for 18 years and held a good position. But suddenly the company closed down due to heavy losses. This created a huge setback and also caused lot of insecurity. Due to the shutdown there was financial crisis in his family life. This went on for a few months.

Then the company made arrangements for temporary jobs in a government office but here they were kept on a temporary job. Due to this his salary was reduced from what he used to earn and also the constant fear that what if he is removed from the job. How will he support his family this causes a lot of anxiety and also increases his complaints.

This is going on in his life for the last 5 years. Out of frustration he becomes angry sometimes and blasts out in front of his colleagues. He is also very sensitive by nature.

As a child he was staying in a small village. He was very shy as a child but he used to be very angry by nature. He used to get into physical fights, used to break things. He never shared his things with anybody. He was very possessive about his things.

He used to be afraid of his father as he was very strict besides this there were no fears as such. Also he is very fastidious he wants all the things in order otherwise will get angry.

Relations with his parents, wife and children are very good.

Personal history:
  • Diet : Non-vegetarian
  • Craving : Fish,Sweets, salt, Eggs
  • Aversion: excess of oil in the food
  • Sun : causes burning of the skin,uneasiness and headache
  • Fanning : likes
  • Air conditioner : O.k
  • Covering : takes covers
  • Bath : Lukewarm water
  • Season : likes all seasons

  • Urine : normal
  • Stools : normal
  • Thirst : large quantities of water
  • Perspiration : Not much Palms and soles
Sleep and dreams:
  • Sleep: Disturbed
  • Dreams of going to a function
Past history:
  • Jaundice
  • Uric acid levels were elevated
Family history:
  • Father (76 years) No major illness
  • Mother : ( 69 years ) Hypertensive
On examination:
  • Eruption on the lower limbs, waist, gluteal region with scaling. Fungal infection in the armpits. Eruptions are of Lichen planus
  • Swelling below the eyes was marked
  • Blood pressure was within the normal range
  • Throat was congested
  • Teeth caries and few of them have been removed
Date Follow up Prescription
6/04/06   Rx 30c
3 powder to be taken for 3 nights
To report after 14 days
21/4/06 The patient called up to give a feedback.
Marginal improvement in the eruptions.
Anxiety had reduced.
Itching and burning was less by 25 %
Sleep was better.
Rx 30c
3 powder to be taken for 3 nights
To report after 14 days
3/5/06 Patient came with improvement in the eruption. Also the itching and burning was reduced to a marked level.
Patient was feeling better emotionally and sleeping well.
He wanted medicines for a longer period.
The patient was put on S.L for 3 for 1 month.
Patient was asked to report after the medicines got exhausted or if there was an acute problem.

However the patient never reported back after the last prescription. we came to know after a few months from the person who had referred him to us that he was much better and due to some reasons he has not reported back. Anyways we were happy to know he had recovered from his illness.

The above case is for reference only please don't self medicate.

Eczema cured with Homeopathy

The patient came with the complaints of eczematous eruptions on the body which started after her second pregnancy 18 years back. Since then the patient is suffering and nothing has helped her. She came to me because her daughter got rid of her skin complaints which were also chronic in nature.

The eruptions started on the right leg then on the abdomen and other parts of the body. The patient was worried about the eruptions which were visible to people she felt disgusted about them. There is severe itching with redness which is aggravated at night +2, morning, sun light. She feels better after application of warm water. There is no discharge from the eruptions.

There is also pain in the fingers of both the hands and pain in the right knee which is aggravated in the morning and after working in water. She feels better after movement.

In the life space the patient is born and brought up in Delhi (India).She was the youngest child in the family and was a pampered child. She got whatever she wanted. She was very shy as a child and took lot of time to mix with people. She was average in her studies and was very sensitive emotionally. She used to cry very easily and if someone consoled her she used to feel very good.

Things changed after she got married as she had to shift to Mumbai (Bombay then) this was a big change and till date she is unable to adjust to the environment in Mumbai. She feels very lonely and misses her family a lot. To add to it her husband is a very busy business man and has hardly any time for her. But she says they have a good relationship.

She has 2 children daughter and son. The daughter gave us the following history she said her mother is very worried about her marriage and constantly nags her. She tells her that she is a big burden on the family. She said her mother is also very lethargic and doesn't like to do the household chores. So the daughter has to do all the cooking .She becomes very angry if someone contradicts her. She has been very partial towards her son who gets whatever he wants and the daughter gets nothing.

Personal history
  • Diet: Non vegetarian food
  • Appetite: Good
  • Cravings: Sweets+2
  • Aversion: Peas +
  • Sun: headache
  • Fan dislikes draft of air aggravates
  • AC: Dislikes
  • Coverings: takes covers in all the seasons
  • Season: summers
  • Bath: warm water
  • Menses: regular leucorrhea+3
  • Urine: N
  • Stools: N
  • Renal calculi Right side
  • Father: Diabetes mellitus
  • Mother: Diabetes mellitus
On examination
  • Dark rings around the eyes
  • Wart on the neck
  • Throat congested
  • Salivation
  • Eczematous eruptions on the body more on the lower extremity and abdomen
  • B.P: 130/90 mm of Hg
  • The patient also told she cannot bear tight clothes since the childhood she feel very uncomfortable in them
Date   Prescription
10/02/2002   Rx
Sepia 200
1 powder at bedtime
1-1-1 for 7 days
18/2/2002 The itching was better Itching on the body which leads to disturbed sleep Rx
S.L 7 powders for 7 nights
7/3/2002 The patient came with the complaints of throat infection and fever. Severe pain in the throat
Warm drinks
Feels hot with marked salivation and thermally hot.
Thirst for large quantities of water.
Skin complaints were better.
Sleep was better
Merc.sol 30
2 pills 4 hourly to stop as soon as she feels better.
S.L 1-1-1
15/3/02 Throat better.
Skin complaints are better
Pain in the fingers is also better
S.L 12 powders night
3 per week
S.L 1-1-1
1 month
20/4/02 The eruptions on the abdomen and the upper extremity were better about 50 % of the eruptions had disappeared. Eruptions on the lower extremity still there. Itching very mild occasional. Feels better on the whole. Rx
Ct all for 1 month
10/6/02 The patient came after giving a gap 20 days. When we asked why she is late. She said there are no complaints so she delayed coming.
The eruptions on the feet were still there but had decreased.
Ct all 1month.

The patient was under the treatment for a period of 1 year and in this time she had been relieved of her eczema. She came to me again this year for her frozen shoulder on the right side which also is responding well to Sepia 200.

Learning from the case was the importance of taking case history from the relatives close ones which can make a difference in getting the right remedy. We also saw the cure taking place according to Herings law of cure complaints disappearing from above downward.

Also one should have a proper case recording system so if the patient comes to you after years together for some other ailment the constitutional medicine will do the job; of course one has to retake the case and confirm the remedy once again before prescribing.

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