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Case of Diabetic Management with Right Diet

A 65 years old woman came to us for diet consultation for her uncontrolled Diabetes, in spite of taking medication. Her blood sugar levels are very high and in last 20 years it has not touch the normal range. She also suffers from high blood pressure (Hypertensive) and is on medication for the same. Besides this she has lots of weakness, irritability, body ache and tired feeling through out the day.

We took a complete dietary recall and we found that her diet needed a major change. We observed that she was eating lots of idli, dosa and poha (all rice preparations) for her breakfast and snack, which were not good for her blood sugar levels; hence it was replaced by healthy snack options. Also we found out in the dietary recall that she used to eat lots of rice for her lunch and dinner which was also minimized and healthy food like salads and lot of vegetable was added to her diet. Likewise after careful analysis of her dietary habit and her lifestyle we designed a Customized Happy Livin Diet Plan to suit her needs. She was asked to follow the diet for 10 days and come back for a follow up.

She came back for a follow up after a month. She said that she had strictly followed the diet and was happy that she was feeling more energetic, less irritable and her body ache had also reduced. So she got her blood sugar test done. She was very surprised to see her reports which stated that her blood sugar levels both fasting and post lunch were in the normal range. She mentioned that in last 20 years her sugar levels have never reached the normal range. She was asked to follow the diet for 3 months and then come again for a follow up with the blood sugar reports.

After 3 months she was much better and healthy. She reported that her sugar levels are more or less in the normal range, as at times she has to travel so she cannot follow the diet strictly. She was educated how to manage her diet and how to select the healthy options in such situations. It's been 3 years now she is in a good healthy state without any complications of Diabetes and Hypertension (High blood pressure).

Case of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Managed with Right Diet

A pleasant 35 years old lady was referred to me by a colleague for Dietary management of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This lady was a US resident so she registered for our Specialized Online treatment.

As per our Protocol we sent her the Dietary recall form and also had a telephonic conversation where we explained her the line of treatment. She submitted the Dietary recall form through Email. We evaluated the Dietary recall form and found that she also was suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and her Vitamin D 3 levels were also very low.

She has various health issues like her energy levels are low and she gets tired very easily. Along with the above complaints she also has loose watery stools and she has to immediately rush when she has the urge to pass stools. She has bloating of abdomen, muscle pains and was prone to easy fractures.

In people who suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; research has shown, that they are prone to deficiency of certain B Vitamins. So we have to take into consideration the above deficiencies and plan her dietary management accordingly.

We took her dietary recall and after careful analysis and evaluation we designed a Happy Livin Customized Diet plan keeping in mind not to irritate her intestine as she is suffering from irritable bowel syndrome.

As she is a Non-Vegetarian it is important to eliminate red meat from her diet which is also one of the known causes for bowel problems. We reduced her meat intake and instead added lots of vegetables and fruits in her diet. She was asked to report after 5 days.

After 5 days she reported that she was feeling better, more energetic then before but her aches and pains are still the same. Her stools are still watery and she has to rush on the urge. Required changes were done in her diet and was asked to report back again after 15 days.

In between she reported that she had severe attack of allergic rhinitis so she was unable to follow the diet. She was feeling too weak and low after the bout of rhinitis and fever. We advised her to add a few things to her diet that will give her the strength and also improve her immunity. She was asked to report after 15 days.

She was feeling much better, has got her strength back. We asked her to continue with the same diet and report after 15 days.Over a period of 6 months her health had improved. The allergic bouts of cold have reduced. Her IBS has improved now her motions are normal. Her body-ache and muscle pain has also reduced. She was put on a maintenance diet and we every month we monitor her progress.

Through our Specialized Online Treatment Protocol we were able to achieve the desired result and make positive changes in the patients lifestyle and a right diet helped her to get over her chronic disease and live a Happy Life.

Case of Diabetic Management with an Economic Diet Plan

As we know that the whole world is facing a financial crisis (Global recession) and the diseases are also increasing at an alarming rate due to the stress and non affordability of various food. To cater to the Diet needs of a patient suffering from various diseases, keeping in mind the cost factor involved in eating a balanced healthy diet and at the same time keeping the expenses in check is a challenge. To meet this special challenge we have designed diet plans which are affordable as well as healthy. Now we will study how we have implemented such affordable diet charts in patient suffering from Diabetes and Obesity.

An obese woman, aged 50 years came to us for diet consultation for Diabetes & weight loss. She had recently developed Diabetes as complication of her obesity and still she is not yet on any medications. She also had complaints of severe pain in her knees and back because of her excess weight. Her weight was 90 kgs and height is 5.1 feet. She is over weight by 38 kgs.

After a complete dietary recall we found that her diet needed a lot of improvisation and that she did not eat her meals on time. Also she stated that she ate very little food with the fear of putting on more weight. We explained her that eating less food will not help her loose weight but definitely lead her to nutritional deficiencies and weakness; where as a right balanced diet and adequate exercise will help her loose weight and stay healthy. We advised her to eat healthy snacks at small intervals.

While talking to her we realized that she is not very well-to-do financially. There are only 2 members in the family she and her old husband who earns for the house. Keeping into mind their financial condition a diet chart had to be designed which includes food that they can afford; as prescribing food like almonds, nuts or fruits like apple, berries etc. are very expensive today. After careful analysis of her dietary habit and her lifestyle we designed a Customized Affordable Happy Livin Diet plan and a life style regime to suit her needs. She was asked to follow the diet for 15 days and come back for a follow up.

She came back after 15 days and said that she was feeling much relaxed and lighter by weight. She said she used to get lots of swelling earlier which has vanished. We checked her weight, she had lost 4 kgs (most of the weight loss was due to water loss that caused the swelling). Her electrolyte imbalance was corrected hence the swelling was reduced. She was feeling more energetic, also pain in her knee and back had reduced. We made some changes to her diet chart and asked her to come back after 15 days.

Now the weight loss was slow, she had lost only 1.5 kg in these 15 days. But remember a gradual weight loss is advised as your body cannot take the shock of sudden weight loss. One should not lose more than 2-4 kgs a month. We asked her to get her blood sugar reports done and come back after a month. When she came she was happy that her reports were in the normal range. She had lost another 2.5 kg in this period of time. In a span to 4 months she had lost 14 kg.

As she was showing remarkable improvement in her overall health and she was also following our affordable Happy Livin diet plan honestly and regularly. We educated her and gave her a customized Happy Livin maintenance diet chart to follow.

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