Diet and Nutrition

Facts and Myths about Diet & Nutrition

Potatoes are fattening.

It's a myth that potatoes are fattening. Potatoes are starchy complex carbohydrates, Like other vegetables it is high in calorie if fried or if consumed in large quantities. Like other carbohydrates potatoes should be avoided at night.

Is zero fat diet the best way to loose weight?

No it's a myth. Some amount of fat is essential to carry out normal functions in the body. Fat is required for absorption of fat soluble vitamins. One-third of your calories in your diet should come from fat.

Is it healthy to be a Vegetarian.

It's a fact. Vegetarian diet enhances our immune system and thus reduces the risk of illness. Cutting out meat from your diet lowers the risk of cancer, obesity and diabetes. Also meat takes 30 - 32 hours to digest in human body and contains lots of toxins thus increases chances of infection.

To eat whole fruit is healthier then fruit juice.

Fact. It is healthy to eat fruits, but it is advisable to consume whole fruit as it provides fiber which is important for good health. Whereas fruit juice is high in calorie content and one tends to drink large quantities of juice.

Coffee is harmful for health.

Fact. Coffee contains caffeine which is addictive and also stimulates the nervous system, increases heart rate and blood pressure. Drinking more then 2 cups of coffee a day increases the risk of peptic ulcer, increases the burden on your kidneys. For hot beverage have herbal teas, green tea or simply drink warm water with lime instead of coffee.

Vegetarians need to take a multivitamin pill daily.

No it's a myth. Vitamins and minerals are available in abundance in fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grams and beans. They are in the purest form and easily absorbed in the body. Except vitamin B12 which is found in meat and dairy products and traces in sea weeds and soy. Vegetarians especially vegans (avoids dairy products) are advised to consume Vitamin B 12 fortified food like soy milk, vegetable oils and fortified cereals.

Papaya if consumed during pregnancy causes miscarriage.

No it is a myth. There is no scientific evidence to support this theory. Papaya seeds has a substance which causes uterus to contract, but the seeds are any ways not consumed.

Nuts are fattening.

Yes, nuts are high in calories. These nuts are tasty and thus difficult to restrain from over eating. Nuts are high in mono-unsaturated and poly- unsaturated fats, known to lower LDL cholesterol and enhances HDL cholesterol. Thus daily intake of nuts in small quantities is healthy but over eating will lead to weight gain.

Brown sugar is healthier than white sugar.

It's a myth. Brown sugar contains traces of minerals which is not significant unless brown sugar is consumed in large quantities.

High protein diet is recommended to loose weight.

True. High protein and low carbohydrates in diet is recommended to loose weight. Note:- Daily intake of protein should not exceed 0.8 gm of protein per Kg of lean body weight and 1-1.4 gm of protein per Kg of body weight for athletes.

Is switching to artificial sweetener like stevia is a healthy option?

No it is not a healthy option. It is better to consume sugar in restricted quantity then to have artificial sweetener. Artificial sweeteners are chemicals and any chemical is not good fro health. Various research studies have shown that artificial sweeteners posses risk of developing various chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, autoimmune diseases and also cancer. It is also known to aid in weight gain rather than weight loss. You can replace sugar to jaggary and honey but gain in restricted quantity as they too are high calorie food.