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Diet for High Cholesterol (Hypercholesterolemia)

Hypercholesterolemia commonly known as High Cholesterol, it is defined as excess of Low density Cholesterol (LDL) or bad Cholesterol in blood.


  • Some of the common causes of high cholesterol are excess intake of rich fatty food, no exercise, physical inactivity - sedentary life, excess of alcohol intake and emotional stress.
  • It can also be hereditary with family history of Hyperlipidemia.
  • It can be secondary to certain conditions like Hypothyroid, Uncontrolled Diabetes, Uremia, Nephrotic Syndrome, Obstructive liver disease.

High Cholesterol is usually asymptomatic and is accidentally detected in routine check up. High cholesterol leads to high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, xanthomas (cholesterol deposits) around the eyes, palms and feet.

It is important to keep a check on the cholesterol levels as it leads to various complications like blocking of the arteries of the heart, stroke, hypertension, arteriosclerosis.

Few Dietary tips to control high cholesterol and lead a healthy life:

  • Eat a healthy balanced diet
  • Exercise daily or go for walks every day
  • Include high fiber food like fruits and vegetables in your diet
  • If you are over weight, seek help to loose weight. DO NOT SELF DIET.
  • Opt for healthy eating options
  • Avoid smoking and cut down on alcohol, best avoided
  • De-stress yourself - Do yoga and take a vacation once a year at least.