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Importance of Pre Pregnancy Diet

Post marriage a women's life completely changes as they have to handle lots of responsibilities. Especially for working women it becomes a very hectic schedule to attend to work and to meet all the needs of the family members. Due to stress and lack of time woman tend to pay less attention to their own needs. The first thing that she starts neglecting is her health and her diet. To save time they will grab on to whatever is easily available junk food, packaged food; processed food which can lead to deficiencies, Nutrient imbalance, Hormonal imbalance and in long run can lead to obesity, PCOD etc which are one of the main reasons for Infertility.

As post Marriage it is an important phase of women's life as she will be a mother soon and a healthy and nourished body will have a healthy progeny. So the first step before planning for a pregnancy one should at least give 6 months for their body to recover, set a right eating pattern, and get your body into harmony and ideal weight.

Dietary Modifications for Pre pregnancy varies from person to person. An ideal age for pregnancy is between 21 years to 28 years of age as the body is healthy and there are less chances of infertility. One needs to just modify their eating pattern and food choices to healthy one. A visit to a Nutritionist will set their eating pattern in the right direction.

Women who are planning a pregnancy at the age range of 29-35 years are termed as late pregnancy. To conceive and have a healthy baby is not difficult at this age but one should ensure that their body is in the perfect health to do so. One should get a complete check up done before conception, and if any health issues are there it should be treated immediately. One should pay more attention towards their health, what they eat and the right diet is an essential factor. One should not self diet, consult a nutritionist who will guide you to achieve a healthy pre pregnancy health.

Precious pregnancies are ones that are planned late at the age of 35-40 years. As we have seen many actresses have conceived at these age and delivered a healthy baby, but one should also notice that their eating pattern and the exercise regimen is too apt that keeps them healthy and fit to have a smooth pregnancy at this age. There are many reasons for late pregnancy, some have career priorities, some have issues with conception without any cause - may be stress and hectic life schedule, in many cases it is due to obesity, underweight, PCOD, Hypothyroidism - lifestyle diseases. So treat the cause and improve the fertility chances, there are various different diets depending upon the cause that can correct the imbalance, improve the ovulatory functions and help in conception and healthy pregnancy.

These days there many women who are obsessed with Diet food, they believe no fat is the right and healthy diet, but what they don't know is that it is one of the main causes for infertility, as a women needs to have 30% fat of their ideal body weight for proper ovulatory functions. It is essential that one should not skip meals especially breakfast, if you are overweight consult a nutritionist to lose weight do not self diet. Replace junk, packaged food, processed fast food with healthy options. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.

One should eat right food, in right quantity at right intervals. One should not read on internet and start self dieting, as each individual's dietary needs are different so consult a qualified Nutritionist who will guide you to eat right and also help you out with easy, quick and healthy recipes. This will help in having a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy.