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Role of Right Diet in Controlling Diabetes Mellitus

A 65 years old woman came to us for diet consultation for her uncontrolled Diabetes, in spite of taking medication. Her blood sugar levels are very high and in last 20 years it has not touch the normal range. She also suffers from high blood pressure (Hypertensive) and is on medication for the same. Besides this she has lots of weakness, irritability, body ache and tired feeling through out the day.

We took a complete dietary recall and we found that her diet needed a major change. We observed that she was eating lots of idli, dosa and poha (all rice preparations) for her breakfast and snack, which were not good for her blood sugar levels; hence it was replaced by healthy snack options. Also we found out in the dietary recall that she used to eat lots of rice for her lunch and dinner which was also minimized and healthy food like salads and lot of vegetable was added to her diet. Likewise after careful analysis of her dietary habit and her lifestyle we designed a Customized Happy Livin Diet Plan to suit her needs. She was asked to follow the diet for 10 days and come back for a follow up.

She came back for a follow up after a month. She said that she had strictly followed the diet and was happy that she was feeling more energetic, less irritable and her body ache had also reduced. So she got her blood sugar test done. She was very surprised to see her reports which stated that her blood sugar levels both fasting and post lunch were in the normal range. She mentioned that in last 20 years her sugar levels have never reached the normal range. She was asked to follow the diet for 3 months and then come again for a follow up with the blood sugar reports.

After 3 months she was much better and healthy. She reported that her sugar levels are more or less in the normal range, as at times she has to travel so she cannot follow the diet strictly. She was educated how to manage her diet and how to select the healthy options in such situations. It's been 3 years now she is in a good healthy state without any complications of Diabetes and Hypertension (High blood pressure).