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Right diet for Women

A well balanced diet is very important for a woman in all the stages of her life right from birth to old age.A women undergoes various changes through her life viz. Physical, Hormonal, and Emotional changes. Hence it becomes very important to nurture and nourish her so that she can easily transit through these changes.

As we know a women is a multitasker in the roles of a daughter, a sister, a friend, wife, a mother and a grandmother where she needs to care, give affection and fulfill the needs of her family. To fulfill all these responsibilities she needs to be strong and healthy. It is possible to stay healthy with a well balanced diet and exercise.

Infancy and Childhood

It is a milestone for your future health. What you are fed as a child will build your body strength and immunity to deal with the changes in your future life. The child should be breast fed for minimum 1 year and has to be gradually weaned to a healthy diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, cereals and pulses in the right quantity. Junk food and ready to eat cereals should not be introduced in the child's diet till 5 years of age. In doubt consult a nutritionist she will guide you what and how to feed the child and in what quantity.


In the early growing stages of a girl child she needs to be nourished properly as they are nearing puberty and stepping into menarche. Along with a proper diet she needs to be educated about what the puberty brings in, menstrual cycle, about dating and sexuality. Talking to your girl will help her eliminate her fears and anxiety about her body.

During this age a girl becomes very conscious about the way she looks, her weight and appearance hence in the attempt to attain so they may run around experimenting various dietary practices and various dietary formulas. This can lead to many deficiencies especially anemia muscle loss. She needs to be guided and explained the importance of a well balanced diet and exercise. This will help her to be healthy, beautiful with the right thoughts and a healthy skin and hair.


After marriage a women's life completely changes she is burdened with lot of responsibilities. While attending to these responsibilities there is a tendency to neglect her dietary needs and health. It is very important to eat a proper healthy and balanced diet that will give her strength and good health to attend to the chores of daily life.

It is an important phase of women's life as she will be a mother soon and a healthy and nourished body will have a healthy progeny. So it is very important not to neglect the dietary needs of your body. You can consult a qualified Nutritionist who will guide you to eat right and also help you out with easy, quick and healthy recipes.


It is a very special and the best period in women's life. Her body undergoes various physical changes to nurture the baby in the womb. During this phase a woman needs to take special care to maintain her health and make sure that her baby is also getting the right nourishment. Dietary needs vary throughout the pregnancy it is divided into 3 trimesters.

Women should completely avoid alcohol and smoking during pregnancy she should eat fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains in the right quantity. In each trimester the requirement for vitamins and minerals like calcium and iron, proteins, fats and carbohydrates vary. Hence you should consult a Nutritionist who is qualified to prescribe you the right balanced diet that is needed during each trimester of pregnancy.

Post Pregnancy

Eating a balanced diet is very important as the new born is relying on mothers breast milk for it nourishment. Breast milk is the important nutrient for the child. If the mother neglects her diet then the infants health will be directly affected.

Post pregnancy young mothers are in hurry to loose the extra kilos of weight gained during pregnancy. Many of them go on a crash diet to get back in shape. But this dieting is not advised while breast feeding, as it will affect the health of the mother and the child. Remember breast feeding your child for a year is very essential for building the immunity of the child. Never go on dieting for at least 8-12 months post pregnancy. Consult a nutritionist who will guide you to eat a balanced diet to meet the extra need for vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates to meet the daily needs of your body and your child.


During menopause a women's body undergoes various hormonal and physical changes. As they progress towards the old age a women needs to take special care of her health. Due to hormonal imbalance post menopause women are prone to osteoporosis which may cause easy fracture that will take a long time to heal. Hence during this phase a women needs to be very particular about her diet and exercise regime. Also with the growing age, many develop chronic conditions like Diabetes, Hypertension which also needs to be controlled to prevent further complication. Hence it is advised to consult a Nutritionist and not to experiment diet at home. Nutritionist will design a balanced diet that will meet the individual needs.

A well balanced diet is very essential for women in all the stages of her life. As during each stage of her life there is a hormonal change which affects her body, if proper care is not taken then it may lead to various illness. Consult a nutritionist now for a Healthy you and Healthy body.