Dr.Varsha's Immunity Detox Diet Consultation Fees Plan


₹ 1000

Detox Plan details

A good detox and lifestyle can give the needed boost to your immunity. Our body has the capacity to remove the toxins from our body. With today’s lifestyle, the intake of toxins has increased that an extra effort is needed to detoxify the body once a month or as per the need.

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  • Boosts Immunity
  • Helps Respiratory system
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  • Detoxifies liver

Dr.Varsha's Immunity Detox Diet

Nutritionist and Homeopath

Dr.Varsha Patel Joshi works in the field of Nutrition, Homeopathy, and constantly motivated her patients and people to lead a healthy diet. She has been practicing in the city of Mumbai and Trivandrum for more than a decade and also provides Online consultation to her patients from all over the world.

Dr.Varsha is the founding member of Happy Livin Healthcare and Dr.Joshis center for Autism. She has her Masters Degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Shieffield U.K. She also has a medical degree in the field of Homeopathy.

Dr.Varsha has given many talks shows few of them were on BBC radio Shieffield, Vivid Bharti government of India, and in a TV series on diet to name a few. She is also an active advocate for kids who are on the autism spectrum and motivated them to follow a proper dietary regimen.

Dr.Varshas Clinical diets and detox programs have helped many to build immunity and in chronic cases to lead a much better life with dietary modulation. Her studies at Sheffield University included a Research project on children with Auditory Processing Disease (APD) and Fatty acids.

She has also written a research paper on the "Preventive effect of curcumin (the ingredient of turmeric) in colorectal cancer"

Apart from the medical practice, she is a well-versed painter and supports parents of autistic kids via her motivational interactions with them.

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