Nutrition Testimonials

Mrs. M. Khot

Wellness: Weight loss Post Renal Transplant 2015

Country: India

Experience: "I never thought I'd be doing this. Consulting a dietitian for how to eat (in a right way) But here I am. Anyway I decided to put Dr Varsha's tips to the test. Its not really a diet plan - just a good and healthy eating plan to boost one's immune system and increase energy. Weight loss is just an added bonus! Since last 4 months I've been "eating right" and I must say I notice a great difference in my energy levels. I never feel bloated or lethargic. I also don't feel like stuffing myself beyond 7 pm, honest!! I have been exercising regularly but I still feel a great difference in my body and my skin with the help of eating right techie by Dr Varsha. The hardest part was to give up my bed tea I've been drinking first thing every morning for over 15 years but I'm so over it! Anyway its quite flexible with the diet plan of Dr Varsha. She gives at least 7 options for every meal for a weekly plan. So its quite easy to choose.I am sure I'd have noticed a greater improvement had I started exercising and eating right.Well, I am hoping to measure myself again in 5 weeks and I hope to continue with this plan. Thanks a lot Dr Varsha to introduce me once again with my stomach and with the food ...Thank you Dr. Varsha"

Bhakti A Mhatre

Age: 33 Years

Total weight Loss: 9 Kilograms in 4 months

Experience: "I think the Happy Living Clinic entered my life at a time I was looking for change not just with my weight but with my life. The support I received from Dr Varsha Patel Joshi is invaluable and it's impact can't be put into words. I feel empowered now to take charge of my life because I have been given the tools to do so. I not only learned about nutrition and how to take care of myself but I learned how to live again and enjoy life. I realize now that my trepidation around losing weight was only because I thought I needed to sacrifice in order to gain what I wanted. Happy Living helped me see that I'm not sacrificing the things I love, rather they helped me find ways I could still enjoy the foods I love but just in a different way. The "effects" of losing weight and getting healthy have been great! I now have an overall positive attitude and mood, glowing skin, shiny hair and the aches and pains I used to complain about have completely vanished. Today I have more confidence to do the things I have received many compliments from co-workers saying I look more "alive" and that I have the "sparkle in my eyes". You have provided me with very specific health knowledge that I know will have a lifelong positive effect on myself and my family. I feel like my eyes have been opened to a whole new world of balanced living! I feel like my eyes have been opened to a whole new world of balance diet. "Thank you"."

Yogesh. M

Wellness: Weight loss - 13 kilograms in just six weeks

Country: India

Experience: "I knew I was overweight, and I wanted to lose some kilos badly. The only problem was, I was not sure which way to chose. Whenever I had discussions with my friends regarding this issue, everyone suggested a different thing. That did nothing but added to my confusion.

Then one day I said to myself, let's try the easiest way. So, I decided to consult a dietitian. When I first visited Dr.Varsha, she promised I would be able to loose up to 2.5 to 3 kg. per month if I follow her instructions properly. But, to my surprise; I have lost more than 13 kg. in just six weeks. I just can't thank her enough. Through out this period of six weeks, I have been doing a little exercise (Some Yoga) in the morning and just followed what Dr. Varsha had given in the weekly diet plan. It's a mix of a variety of food material. She had given alternatives for almost every meal. I think it's incredible, as I did not feel any kind of physical weakness, and still managed to achieve something that I had never dreamed of. It really feels nice, because I have now started to love myself. Thanks to Dr.Varsha."

S. Arora

Age: 28

Total weight Loss: 7.5 Kilograms

Experience: "I visited Happy Livin few months back and have a really wonderful experience. Post my child's birth I had piled on extra kilos. I have tried various exercises but couldn't achieve the desired result. I was very stressed. My worries came to an end after I visited Happy Livin. A healthy diet combined with exercise has made a world of difference. I don't have to starve myself anymore. I have learnt about proper eating and portions. I enjoy varied and delicious diet now.

The idea of losing weight naturally by eating healthy diet was promising. At Happy Livin customized diet plan according to my weight and requirement was provided. All I was asked was to follow the diet plan which comprised of variety of delicious and nutritious food. Today, I have lost all those extra kilos. Thanks to Happy Livin I can now face myself in the mirror and appreciate my body. Thanks to Dr. Varsha Patel-Joshi and Happy Livin."

Ami Shah

Age: 31

Total weight Loss: 6.5 Kilograms in 3 months

Experience: "The main intention of my contacting Happy Living was to loose the extra weight gained over the years due to sedentary lifestyle and irregular eating. Also, there are a lot of misconception about the right kind of food and quantity, which was always a point of debate among the family members. It is only after starting the program I realized that it was my irrelevant and irregular eating pattern that was piling up my extra kilos.

I am grateful to Dr Varsha's diet program that helped me understand the difference between healthy eating and unhealthy bingeing. I feel confident once again and also have got a better understanding to maintain the desired health going forward."

Kalpa M.

Total weight Loss: 9 Kilograms in 4 months

Country: Mulund, India

Experience: "In last 4months I have lost more then 9 kg of my weight. It feels great to keep my body in a much better shape. I feel younger and more healthy now. Thanks to perfect advice and diet plan and few exercises recommended by Dr. Varsha."

Mr. Shrikant

Wellness: Eczema 2014

Country: India

Experience: "I was under the treatment of Dr. Santosh R. Joshi for treatment of eczema. My eczema was treated by Dr. Joshi's consultation and medicines. He is a great doctor as he takes lot of efforts during case taking and understands the patient very well. His medicines and diet plan given by Dr. Varsha Patel-Joshi helped in curing my eczema. His guidance, right diagnosis and great concern for patients is worth appreciating.
Thank you Dr. Santosh and Dr. Varsha!"

Ms. P.D.

Wellness: Weight loss with PCOD 2014

Country: India

Experience: "I have been trying to lose weight since ages, I have tried various gyms & spent lot of money but I never pulled down. One of the reason was also my migraine medication. I met Dr. Varsha Joshi who plays a vital role in my life. Under her diet consultation in span of 4 months I have lost 8 kgs, that too eating more than I used to do before. The best part of her diet is you are so filled that you dont feel that you are hungry or you get the feeling of craving for food. She does it in a very healthy way. Now people have started complementing me saying I look good & healthy.
I would like to Thank Dr. Varsha Patel-Joshi for changing my lifestyle & making me healthy. Thank You!"

Mr S. Singh

"I am really thankful to Homeopathy and to Dr Varsha Patel for relieving me off these painful warts and corns. I had been having these warts on my finger tip and corns on my feet for years. I had visited dermatologist who prescribed me expensive ointments and lotions. The medications and lotions did not help but instead warts began to multiply and increase in size. I had also tried the painful methods of burning and cutting off these warts but they always came back. I was greatly disappointed but when Dr Varsha explained me how homeopathy works and assured that the warts will definitely go with homeopathic medicine. To my surprise when I started the treatment, within one weeks time 90% of the warts disappeared and many decreased in size. Within 3-4 months of follow up all the warts and corns have gone and they have yet not reappeared. Earlier I had no faith in Homeopathy but now I definitely recommend it to all my friends and relatives."

Mrs N. Shah

"I was suffering from chocolate cyst in my right ovary and had painful menses. My gynecologist had suggested a small surgery to remove the cyst, but I was very scared to undergo a surgery. Then I consulted Dr Varsha Patel for almost a year and I have felt the gradual improvement. My menses became regular and gradually the pain eased out. After 6 months when I got the sonography report done, size of the cyst had reduced. Now I have no problem and have gone off the medications. Because of the cyst I was not able to conceive and now I am happy to mention that I am 4 months pregnant. I am grateful that Homeopathy and Dr varsha has helped me avoid a surgery and of course to have my first child. Thank you so much for all your guidance and help."

Mrs A. Patel

"I dreaded every winter, as in every winter or change of weather I used to get severe sinusitis. I could not do any work or take care of my 9 year old son because of the cold. I used to have severe headache and sneezing and my nose used to get blocked at night. I could not sleep and my whole life used to get disturbed. I also got operated for sinusitis but next winter I landed up with the same problem. I met Dr Varsha Patel in a family function and she advised me to try homeopathy. So I decided to give it a try and consulted Dr Varsha. She treated me for 6 months and I was so happy when winter came my problem was 80% better and I continued following her instructions and medication for the whole season. Then we stopped the treatment and Dr Varsha asked me to consult her only in case of emergency. The following winter my family planned a vacation in Kashmir and I was so scared to go for the trip fearing I may get the same problem again. But I enjoyed this vacation in Kashmir that also in winter without any cold, not even a single bout of sneezing. I owe it all to Dr Varsha and to homeopathy that I have got rid of this long standing sinusitis."

Dr S. Joshi

Country: Mumbai , India

Experience: "At the time of commencement of the Diet plan my mother was having elevated levels of Blood sugar levels (Severe Diabetes m.) even though she was on Oral hypoglycemic drugs, regular exercise and a proper diet. The next step was to put her on insulin but she hated the idea.

So we contacted Dr. Varsha Patel and she provided her expert advice in Diet and Nutrition. My mother followed the diet for 1 month and we were all surprised to see the results her blood sugar levels have touched the normal range for the first time in 13 years.

We are very happy that that diet change made the difference. Dr. Varsha is a great person and a good Nutritionist. She has an excellent grasp in her subject and we owe her our sincere thanks and best wishes for a successful career."

Mrs M. Mevada

"I would like to thank Dr Varsha Patel for her homeopathic and dietetic advice that I am able to walk without much pain. I am 55 year old and diabetic; I weighed 95 kg when I consulted Dr Varsha Patel. I had severe back pain and knee pain because of my extra kilos. I wanted to loose weight and get my diabetes in control as I did not want to get on to insulin or any allopathic medications. Dr Varsha helped me loose 10 kg with dietary advices and also my diabetes is in control and I don't need to take medications for it any more. She also helped me with my knee pain and back pain with homeopathic medicines. Due to weight loss 50% of my pain had gone and remaining pain was relieved by homeopathic treatment. Now I need homeopathic medicines only when I have exerted a lot."

D. Rosario

Age: 34

Country: New Jersey, USA

Experience: "Since 2005 I have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS) as well as Fibromyalgia. The main symptoms are constant fatigue and pain in pretty much the entire body. I have explored many different ways to get better with no significant result. About 3+ years ago I started homeopathic treatment which has helped me become a little more active. The pain and fatigue reduced by 25% but that is not enough - something more needed to be done.

Earlier this year, about 7 weeks ago I was referred by my Homeopath to Dr. Varsha. Consulting with her has been very easy. She set up a nutritional plan that I follow daily. Since then I have found further improvement with the fatigue. What I like about Dr. Varsha is that she does not only just tell you what "not" to eat. Infact she tells you what you should/can eat and breaks it down by meal and snack time. This makes it so much easier to stick to the diet. The options are plenty and when you have questions she is available to clarify your doubts no matter how simple or silly the question may seem to you. I usually send her a quick email, chat online or sometimes a quick call to her gives me the answer I need. In addition we review and access my situation every 10 days to see if any changes are required.

Just 2 weeks ago, I got very sick with a brochial infection that left me very weak since I had lost about 10 lbs. I was unable to keep up with the diet but I did call Dr. Varsha to inform her of my illness and she told me what I needed to add to my daily diet and within a few days I started to feel a bit stronger. Now I have my strength back and once again following the diet as I should. I feel confident that by following the nutritional plan my health can only get better from this point on and hopefully that day will come sooner than I know it."

Mrs K. Qureshi

"I am diabetic since 1996 i.e. for 15 years and was on allopathic medicines since then. I started consulting Dr Varsha since last year. After a regularly following dietary changes and homeopathic medicines prescribed by Dr Varsha, my diabetes and blood pressure have come under control. And gradually I have reduced the allopathic medicines to half the dosage, of course under expert guidance of Dr Varsha and my allopathic physician. Now I feel like a normal person and more energetic and can do my household work by myself which was not the case before I started the treatment with Dr Varsha. Yes homeopathic medicines and diet has made a lot of difference in my health and quality of life."

Mr Ghosh

My daughter was not fond of eating and was constantly suffering from nausea and vomiting almost till 2 years of age. And it used to take lot of time and energy to feed her. Her weight till then was around 10 kg only. Her immunity had also reduced and was very frequently catching cold and fever almost once in 20 odd days.

Then I took Dr Varsha Joshi plan for One time diet. I have been continuing with it for almost a year. There was instant result. Her appetite increased and she started to make choices in food and has a taste of her own. Her immunity has increased a lot along with her inner strength. Her nausea also is almost negligible. From 20 days to her fever/cold frequency has decreased to once in few months. We are very satisfied with this plan and will stick to it.